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Invocation to Hypatia


Long before these steppes knew their name

And the sun shone bright on these wide open spaces

Civilisations rose and fell with the seasons


Sing, O Muse of Hypatia

A land whose space was rivalled only by her beauty

Where elation made the mountain rise high above the sonorous plains


Glamorous cities sprang up on her glittering shores

Her verdant hills crawling with her magnificent creatures of her creation

Even the crags were fragrant with the smell of wildflowers


From the shepherds in wild places to the vast palaces

Knowledge flowed abundant like honey

And the her long days peacefully surrendered to serene nights


O Muse, what made the bitter winds blow

What made the jealous imprison the fertile land and seas

Swallowing mighty empires and enthroning the Winter and its icy command


Sing now Muse, for the Hypatia’s lover Spring return

Once again will hearts burst with joy

And the land will free herself of icy chains

Hypatia: The Age of the Undying Winter

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